Who we are?

Your cargo only broker, Zeus.aero is a 100% daughter of The Aviation Factory and Vizionair, trading since the year 2000 and with annual turnover in excess of 25mio euro, We are the leading broker in the Benelux and France, trust us to handle your charter needs


Why we do what we do


Why we do what we do

Aviation like a virus:

Since our young years our team has been constantly engaged in multiple aviation projects, from Apron worker up to airline station management. From the perspective to offer highly tailored cargo flights Zeus.aero was born during the course of 2018. Backing of this project is the leading charter broker in the Benelux, The Aviation Factory.

Because of our experience from within the industry we are here as a broker to bring you the best aircraft solution for the best price, we aim to take care of everything from traffic rights, documentation and planning perspective this is our promise to you. Our services do not stop at just being an independent broker. our other services:

Try us now, contact us even if it is just for a small chat about aviation.

Sea cargo vs Air Cargo

What to choose?

The two most general ways and almost certainly the just two, utilized for international delivery are ocean freight and air freight. Such are the options you have when it comes to shipping vehicles, things, and other transportation; be it for business reasons or personal. The dissimilarity between such two kinds of cargo is not only the obvious one; one being by jet and the other using vessel. Many factors play a vital role in determining whether to ship something via the ocean or air.

Both have their advantages and disadvantages, and four things must be kept in mind each time you choose to transfer something around the globe. Such four things are the Charges, Cost, Reliability, Capacity, and the Speed at which the items are transported to the preferred site. A few other factors that you must consider are Time, Safety, Destination Coverage, Environmental Impact, and Logistics.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of both ocean and air freight thoroughly so that you can have thorough wisdom on both the subsequent time you covet to transport something.

Between air and ocean cargo, the former is a little on the pricey side. The cause is that air cargo is more fast and safe. Air delivery is measured the most expensive kind of transportation, and that’s why their costs run through the roof. You should make sure that you do not go over the financial plan utilizing air goods. A lot of businesses use air cargo and frequently make their clients disburse the delivery fee. If you have a lot of cash in hand and covet something transported rapidly, then air cargo is a good alternative for you.

Another dissimilarity between air and ocean freight is that things are evaluated by weight in air cargo and ocean cargo through volume.

An aircraft's cargo space is significantly much smaller than a vessel's, and therefore the amount of things that can be shipped through air cargo is considerably less than that of a freight vessel. One of the drawbacks of air cargo is that albeit it’s a much safer and faster way to transport things, it’s not probable to carry things in large amounts.

So, whenever you are going to ship something always do your research on both delivery services so that you can be able to choose the best out of them. Good luck!