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Rely on to handle your logistics in Belgium, we have you covered in delivering to your expectations. We bring you the best supplier for your task at hand delivering innovative solutions.


We help your logistical need

Our solutions

We help your logistical need

The team can assist in helping your operation become a success, we assist in bringing supplier and customer together with the best solution. Our services can consist of the following. We work together with the best suppliers on a daily basis.

  • Arranging customs paperwork and clearance at Belgian Airports (also at night, holidays and weekend)
  • Express courier services taken from multiple suppliers, Sprinter vehicles
  • LTL Trucking services
  • FTL Trucking services
  • Storage of goods (EBOS Facilities)
  • Repacking of goods
  • Road feeder service arrangement
  • Trucking of spare parts for Airline resources

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