Airline supervision services

We can offer genuine expertise thanks to more than 20 years’ experience in the air freight sector. We are recognised as a reliable and expert partner to numerous airlines based in Ostend (OST) or other airports to whom we provide many different as well as add-on services.


We manage your flight


We manage your flight

Over time, we’ve built up a large network of partner carriers all over the world. With our staff available around the clock, we are the specialists when it comes to finding quick solutions

  • We know everything there is to know about aircraft dimensions. We are often called out to oversee and optimize the loading of your pallets
  • Handling and parking at Ostend Bruges Intl. Airport up to -40% on contract rates.
  • Corporate rates at multiple local hotels in Ostend and Bruges, taxi available on call 24/7
  • Dedicated rates for customs work with local suppliers, T1, EX-A or IMA documents no issue
  • No cash payments or hassle, everything on one invoice with prepayment or invoice after the flight, your flight managed!!

Airport Click here for our folder with detailed info, and here for our published prices for handling, parking at Ostend . 

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Aviation support

Aviation Support

Aviation support

Flight Support is necessary for airlines to conclude their flight operations, therefore within the framework of our Flight support service, we offer Supervision &Representation, Ground handling, Fueling, Security, Catering and Dispatching Arrangements and Airport Slots, Maintenance and Accomodation& Transportation Arrangements for all kinds of flight operations including chartered flights. 

All these Flight support services are necessary elements of a smooth and complete flight operation, therefore working with a professional team is a key fact in succeeding the flight operation directly and the same thing is even more important for chartered flights since air charter services needs extra attention to each detail about the charter flight service. 

With our experience in the aviation area and knowledge on flight support, we are definitely the right choice for all kinds of flight operations. To provide hassle-free flight operation, our experienced, professional and multi-lingual OCC team works 24/7 and controls the whole process step by step, so that they can intervene at any problem or even before the problem arises.

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