Airline supervision services

We can offer genuine expertise thanks to more than 20 years’ experience in the air freight sector. We are recognised as a reliable and expert partner to numerous airlines based in Ostend (OST) or Brussels (BRU), to whom we provide many different as well as add-on services.


We manage your flight


We manage your flight

Over time, we’ve built up a large network of partner carriers all over the world. With our staff available around the clock, we are the specialists when it comes to finding quick solutions

  • We know everything there is to know about aircraft dimensions. We are often called out to oversee and optimize the loading of your pallets
  • We also take care of arranging your handling agreement with discounts up to 50%, Aviapartner or Bcube
  • Discounts up to 40% for aircraft parking at Ostend-Bruges Airport under our supervision up to 14days!
  • Corporate rates at multiple local hotels in Ostend and Bruges, taxi available on call 24/7
  • No cash payments or hassle, everything on one invoice with prepayment or invoice after the flight, your flight managed!!

Airport Click here for our folder with detailed info, and here for our published prices for handling, parking at Ostend . 

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