Brexit supply chain

What will happen on the 1st of April 2019? will port operations come to a halt, supply chains be disrupted due to congestion? The answer to this question is in the near future, do you have everything covered? Count on to offer solutions for all possible questions.


Ostend Bruges airport almost in the UK


Ostend Bruges airport almost in the UK

We are locally based at Ostend Bruges Intl. Airport, located in between the ports of Zeebrugge,Calais and Antwerp. Just at the mayor Belgian highway "E-40", with no congestion or traffic jams. Due to our local knowledge, handling agreements and close contacts we can offer you the perfect location for your urgent air cargo shipments and charter requirements. We have several airlines in our portfolio that can benefit from lower handling or airport costs in order to keep your supply intact. Contact us to see how we can make your cargo get airborne to the UK or Worldwide in a minimum of time required in case of difficulties with Brexit.  

Current aircrafts at our disposal:  

  • PC12 with cargo door for small parcels
  • Beech 1900C 
  • Antonov 12
  • Antonov 26
  • Saab 340
  • ATR72-200

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13/03/2019: Game on as the UK parlement has voted against the plan for a smooth Brexit. will it become a hard or a postponed Brexit. We will keep you updated: In case of hard Brexit brace for congestion at the tunnel and ports resulting in more and more need for Air cargo. 

08/03/2019: Theresa May will today make a last, desperate plea to the EU to give ground over her Brexit deal with just four days to go until a decisive Commons vote.Brussels has insisted it is up to Britain to come up with new ideas by the end of Friday to break the deadlock, but Mrs May will say that “the EU has to make a choice too”.Negotiations in Brussels are at an impasse as EU sources accused...

19/02/2019: HMRC have just announced that in the event of the UK leaving the EU without a deal, there will be six-month suspension of the introduction of Safety and Security Declarations for imports to the UK. Previous guidance issued by HMRC stated that these ICS declarations were required to be made (from 29 March 2019) by the carrier/haulier prior to the goods being moved.